Business Angus will encourage businesses to invest, work, grow and thrive in our area by supporting business needs through enthusiastic and knowledgeable advisors, support programmes and information in a manner which is approachable, responsive and relevant to business needs.

Our commitment to business

Business Angus aims to deliver this support to businesses through these seven distinct principles:

  • We will be innovative – we are reviewing our traditional approach to delivering business support, which directly meet business needs.
  • We will be inclusive – we are raising awareness of business support services and encouraging companies to contact us directly. We are aiming to do this in an approachable manner using plain English.
  • We will be integrated – we will work in partnership to ensure that effective assistance is provided to business in an efficient way. We aim to provide real benefits by building upon the good work and support that is being delivered already.
  • We will be engaging – we are an enthusiastic team, with a desire to work with businesses. We will continually review our support by asking for feedback from companies, to ensure that it is both relevant and still meeting the needs of business.
  • We will be knowledgeable – we will provide a range of expert advice and if we can’t provide assistance directly we will be able to advise who can.
  • We will be responsive – we will listen to business issues and needs and provide support which is relevant and effective.
  • We will be ambitious – we want to support and showcase the wide range of innovative, successful and award – winning companies in Angus. Highlighting that Angus has a diverse and thriving business sector locally, nationally and internationally.

This is our commitment to business!